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Judith Allen, FNP-BC

Family Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Judith Allen moved to New Mexico in 1973.

She completed her Master’s degree in Nursing at the University of New Mexico, with a focus in Nurse-Midwifery. She returned to UNM for a Post-Master’s Certificate to become board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 1998.

PRP and Shockwave therapy are the most recent steps in Judith’s healing career. She has been a registered nurse for 38 years, Nurse Midwife for 3 years, and Nurse Practitioner for 20 years. Her expertise is in complimentary and integrative medicine. She has 20 + years of experience in women’s health with focus on bio-identical hormone replacement, and relief of pelvic pain.  She is skilled in injection therapies using PRP, homeopathics, and prolozone,

She is committed to helping people maintain optimal health, including healthy sexual functioning, throughout the aging process.

Judith enjoys keeping honeybees, gardening, hiking, dancing, and reading.

Who is Althea?

Judith Allen named her business Althea Health Resources after Althea, one of the Greek goddesses of healing and midwifery.

Althea also refers to plants in the mallow family.  Althea Officinalis is the marshmallow plant, widely used by herbalists as a demulcent. The family includes hollyhocks, hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, okra, and globe mallow. Flowers of these plants have 5 separate petals and a distinctive column of stamens surrounding the pistil.

Marshmallow root tea is recommended for urinary complaints and heartburn.

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