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When should you consider Shockwave and PRP?

Erectile dysfunction is measured using a simple questionnaire: the International Index of Erectile Function -5

To estimate your erectile function go to:


Conventional treatments of male erectile dysfunction include:

•      Testosterone replacement, if testosterone levels are low

                If you are a candidate for this hormone replacement, I recommend it as the foundation of sexual rejuvenation.

•      Medication adjustment. Many medications can cause sexual difficulties.

                Visit with your prescribing provider to see if there are alternative medications.

•      PDE 5 inhibitors. These are Sildenafil (Viagra, the BLUE PILL), Vardenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil.

                Consider Shockwave and PRP if you are tired of bothersome side-effects.

•      Vacuum erection devices

                Consider Shockwave and PRP if you would like to be less dependent on using these devices.

•      Penile self-injectible drugs

                Consider Shockwave and PRP if you are tired of giving yourself injections.

•      Intra-urethral alprostadil

               Consider Shockwave and PRP if you would prefer more spontaneity, or you have unwanted side effects,

•      Penile implants

               Consider Shockwave and PRP before deciding to have surgery.

If you have normal testosterone levels, and are not taking any medications that affect sexual function, Shockwave and PRP offer alternatives for improving sexual function.

Shockwave alone may improve mild erectile dysfunction, as may PRP.  Shockwave is especially effective for men who have penile arterial blockage. Both treatments are well supported by research. Both are non-invasive, non-surgical natural therapies.

Shockwave and PRP can treat Peyronie’s disease. This is a scarring disorder that can cause a bend in your penis, and can make erection painful or impossible.

The most effective protocol for the combination of Shockwave plus PRP is:

PRP – 2 treatments spaced 1 month apart

Shockwave – 6 treatments: twice a week during the month between PRP treatments

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